Snæfellsnes Peninsula Shore Excursion

Price 27600 ISK per person

– Berserkjahraun Lava Field
– Seal Colony at Ytri Tunga
– Bjarnarfoss Waterfall
– Búðir Black Church
– Arnarstapi & Sea Cliffs
– Djúpilónssandur Beach
– Kirkjufell Mountain

Available from mid-May to mid-September
– Duration 6 to 8 hours.
– Pickup 20 minutes before tour start.
– This tour scheduled for cruise ship passengers only.
– If the cruise ship is delayed then we adjust our departure time and we make sure that we will be back to cruise port before cruise ship closes for boarding.

– Free WiFi on board
– Guide
– Parking and entrance fees

– During our tour we take break for refreshments at café or restaurant
– Refreshments are not incl. in tour price.
– We might change the order of stops on our tour due to weather and traffic.

We recommend bringing!
– Warm clothing (wind/waterproof coat and trousers).
– Base layers over winter time (merino wool or similar).
– Good trainers or hiking boots.
– Water bottle.
– And of course good mood.

Let us know if car seat for child/children is needed or if there is any disability that we need to know of.

If paid in advance 15% discount is added to your booking by checkout if booked 24-hours before tour start!

Tour Description!

From Grundafjörður Port we drive for about 20 minutes to Berserkjahraun Lava Fields where we stop for about 20 minutes sightseeing.

After Berserkjahraun we drive for about 30 minutes to Seal Colony at Ytri Tunga where we stop for about 30 minutes sightseeing.

After Ytri Tunga we drive for about 20 minutes to Bjarnarfoss where we stop for about 20 minutes sightseeing.

After Bjarnarfoss we drive for about 5 minutes to Búðir Church where we stop for about 10 minutes sightseeing.

After Búðir Church we drive for about 20 minutes to Arnarstapi where we stop for about 60 minutes for sightseeing, lunch and facility.

After Arnarstapi we drive for about 20 minutes to Djúpilónssandur where we stop for about 30 minutes sightseeing and facility.

After Djúpilónssandur we drive for about 60 minutes to Kirkjufell where we stop for about 20 minutes sightseeing.

After Kirkjufell we got about 5 minutes drive back to Grundafjörður.


Berserkjahraun is a 4000 years old lava field situated on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

In one of our Icelandic Saga Heiðavíga Saga that the name Berserkjahraun comes from two berserks that Víga-Styr used to clear path through the lava field. When the berserks had cleared the path Víga-Styr had them killed while they were taking a bath and were vulnerable. The path the two berserks cleared is called Berserkjagata.

From the viewing platform is a beautiful view over the Berserkjahraun lava field and lake Selvatn and there is a short walk down to a small waterfall called Sauðafoss.

Seal Colony at Ytri Tunga

Ytri Tunga golden sand beach is a beautiful location where seals gather to relax and rest and perfect for seal watching.





Bjarnarfoss is a beautiful waterfall that falls from the top of approximately 300 meters high basalt cliff. The cliff was formed by now extinct volcano Mælifell.



Black Church

Búðir old Black Church is one of the most iconic places in Icelandand is dated back to 1703. Búðir Black Church is fully operational and has historic graveyard too.

Búðir Church was originally a small turf chapel, and history suggests that in 1816 that Danish King Christion VIII had it demolished.

In 1848 the church was rebuilt by Sreinunn Sveinsdóttir and the in 1984 the church was moved to it’s current location.

Arnarstapi and Sea-cliffs

Arnarstapi is a tiny fishing village that sits on the southern edge of the peninsula that stands a monument to rich history Iceland has with the fishing industry as well as its rich history with stories and sagas. With its incredibly accessible location.

When it comes to breathtaking nature though, Arnarstapi may just win the day as you look over the cliffs that this area has in abundance. Striking basalt columns and curiously cubic rock formations are interlaced with thin walkways caused by years of erosion as the land fights against a sea that wants to reclaim it.

In Arnarstapi we also got the sculpture of Bárður Snæfellsás, a troll that used to according to the Icelandic Folk tails, live in a cave nearby and many landmarks around Arnarstapi are named after, like Bárðarlaug and Bárðarból.

Djúpilónssandur Beach

The black sand beaches of Djúpalónssandur. This area was once home to anywhere up to 60 fishing boats and also housed one of the most profitable fishing villages in the area but all of that has now gone leaving behind a beautiful and serene bay.

On the beach there are also big stones which fisherman’s tried to lift to test their strength in the days of the fishing stations: Fully Strong 154 kg, Half-Strong 100 kg, Weakling 54 kg and Bungler 23 kg. Weakling marked the frontier of wimphood, any man who couldn’t lift it was deemed unsuitable for a life as a fisherman.

Mountain Kirkjufell

It would be an understatement to say that Kirkjufell is one of the most popular mountains in Iceland, as the image of this tall mountain reflected in the nearby water has become an image almost synonymous with the country itself. It stands at a height of approximately 463 meters and also has had its 15 minutes of fame on TV playing the part of the ‘Arrowhead Mountain’ in the hit show Game of Thrones.

Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls where we can admire the falls with Church Mountain in the background. The old bridge over the falls used to be part of the old main road before it was moved to where it is now.