Northern Lights Midnight Adventure Tour

Iceland is a very beautiful country, famous for its long dark winter nights with beautiful Northern Lights.

Price 15800 ISK per person

– Northern Lights Hunting
– Dark Icelandic Winter Nights
– Free Photographs by experienced photographer

– September 1st to April 15th.
– Duration 3 to 5 hours.
– Departure every evening, but depends on weather.
– Departure time 9:00pm
– Pickup time between 8:30pm to 9:00pm

– Free WiFi on board
– Hot chocolate and coffee
– Useful technical information about the Northern Lights from the guide
– Instructions for camera and phone settings.
– Free retry if Northern Lights are not seen on the tour
– Free reschedule to another evening if we cancel the tour due to weather

We recommend bringing!
– Warm clothing (wind/waterproof coat and trousers).
– Base layers over wintertime (merino wool or similar).
– Good trainers or hiking boots.
– And of course good mood.

Let us know if car seat for child/children is needed or if there is any disability that we need to know off.


Operated tours are not refundable!

If paid by checkout a 15% discount is added to your booking.
But only if there are 24-hours or more before tour start time!

Tour description!

We start our tour by driving approximately 30 minutes out of Reykjavik away from light pollution.

It is totally weather dependent which direction out of Reykjavik we go.

We go as far from Reykjavik as 2 hours drive if needed, to get away from clouds that can block our visibility of the Northern Lights.

We spend up to 2 hours admiring the beautiful skies and stargazing and hopefully the Northern Lights will grace us with their presence.


We constantly monitor Northern Lights activity measurements on our tour, to see if we can expect them to appear within the next hour.

We photograph the Northern Lights and also our customers with the Northern Lights in the background if the lights show up.

After we call the night we return back to Reykjavik.

As the tour is operated in late evening and over midnight, we cannot guarantee facility stop on the tour. However, we do our best to find open facilities if the tour ends up being longer than 3 hours.

There are many things to see and experience on winter nights in Iceland.

The Northern Lights Midnight Adventure tour  is a hunt for the spectacular and elusive Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The Northern Lights, Iceland’s magical but hard to catch natural light show, elude many visitors who travel to Iceland seeking the natural phenomenon but don’t know where to look. On this tour you search for the Northern Lights while learning about the phenomenon from your guide.

The Northern Lights are most brilliant on dark winter nights. They are magnificent and one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that exists. Northern Lights are only available during autumn and winter when the sky is dark enough for them to shine (approximately September 1st to April 15th). However even during those months,  the Northern Lights activity varies between days and are the display is unpredictable and they might not be visible. This tour is dedicated to getting you to the right place at the right time to see the dramatic Northern Lights displays.

When or if the Northern Lights appear, we offer to take photos for all our customers, so you don’t have to bring a professional camera or be a professional photographer to join this tour. 

This tour is an ideal opportunity to get the most of your time in Iceland.

Northern Lights are natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed.
Operated tours are not refundable.

With Iceland Everywhere Tours, you are led by an experienced guides who givess you information about each destination. While driving between destinations you will be told about what you see through out the window and you will get an insight into our local history, culture  and nation. 

Iceland Everywhere Tours travels with small groups in comfortable mini buses and our guides works hard to ensure that you receive personal service and an excellent  experience.

Most of the destinations in the Midnight Adventure tours are easy to access for most/all our customers. However, over the wintertime it can be cold, windy, and slippery so be sure to take warm clothes with you on this tour. You should even be prepared for the worst situation.