Iceland everywhere is a small family business and has been operating in tourism since 2015. We focus on providing affordable yet personalized service for our customers. We travel in mini buses and do our best so our customer can experience Iceland and what our country offers in as much privacy as possible.

With Iceland everywhere you will get guidance from an experienced guides who gives you information about each destination individually. While driving between destinations you will be told about what you see through out the window and you will get insight into our local history and nation.

Please note that in Iceland the weather can change rapidly throughout the year and we might have to cancel tours due to weather. If that happens will those who have booked a tour get a retry in next tour available.

We provide special offerings and private tours for groups. We can also visited other destinations than our preplanned tours, if desired.
For more information and group booking please contact us through email:

IET ehf.
Bjallavadi 1
110 Reykjavik
Kt.: 430315-1020
VSK nr.: 120130

Mobile: +354 691 4599
Phone: +354 571 4599